How do we create positive customer experiences in an increasingly digital age?

Customer experience lies at the heart of all business activity, with customers themselves knowing exactly what they want and how they want it. As we become progressively digital, we become more and more interested in the importance of managing their journeys to create positive experiences.

The provision of IoT services has reshaped how we approach the journeys and how we can deliver on promised services. In this free, informative webinar, IoT experts Pilgrim Beart and Adam Byrne take a look at how we can use the technology to offer flawless customer service. 


Speaker: Pilgrim Beart, DevicePilot CEO

Pilgrim Beart is a serial connected-products entrepreneur, having founded companies including Antenova (billions of antenna systems shipped) and AlertMe (now known as Hive and acquired by BG in 2015 for $100m, it's the UK's most successful Connected Home platform and has shipped millions of connected devices). He is an IET Fellow and is now CEO of DevicePilot.
Speaker: Adam Byrne, RealVNC COO

With a background in Mathematics and Computer Science and a career spent growing IT companies, Adam Byrne oversees RealVNC’s business operations. He is building a worldwide ecosystem of technology partners and licensees in a variety of vertical markets to reach full commercial potential. Adam’s combination of deep technical knowledge and business acumen drives growth, particularly in substantial new market-making applications.