2nd July 2017

Who are Switchee?

Switchee is the Smart Thermostat for Affordable Housing, fighting #fuelpoverty and providing landlords with asset management and welfare KPIs. As Switchee CCO Ian Napier explains:

The challenge?

“We used a third-party provider to build a system who weren’t IoT experts, and found the user interface cumbersome to navigate. As we began to scale up, the system was proven unfit to support us and the amount of data warehousing we needed. Deploying devices became messy and painful – our operational management became our main blockage.”

How did DevicePilot help?

“We have full control over our operational management again – DevicePilot has given us an enhanced overview of our diagnostics. We have insights over exactly what’s happening with our devices and the firmware being run on them, and can solve issues as they arise rather than relying on a human to spot a problem.”

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