13th October 2017

Who are Epitiro?

Epitiro is a business focused on the assurance and benchmarking of the User Experience on Wi-Fi and LTE/Cellular networks. They are helping the wireless industry deliver seamless connectivity and excellent User Experience to their customers, wherever they are.

The challenge:

To provide visibility of their measurement devices, the data from those devices, and the performance of the network and services under test and to automatically generate alerts for performance degradation, alarms for failures, and to integrate with service providers and large customers’ existing business systems.

The solution:

DevicePilot’s platform readily allows devices to be connected, data to be ingested and information to be presented. The User Interface is intuitive and well organized. Monitors, alerts, and workflows are easily defined. Working with a responsive support and development team, they were able to integrate our devices and present data to customers within a few days.

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