2nd July 2017

Who are Doordeck?

Doordeck are the creators of a revolutionary smartphone- and cloud-based access control system which operates any lock from an app, removing the need for peripheral access control hardware. Doordeck’s web platform enables system administrators to share and monitor access as required.

As Doordeck CTO Michael Barnwell explains:

The challenge:

“We built our connected locks, cloud service and application and started trials. Then as their number of paying customers grew we suddenly realised that we’d (rightly) been so focused on developing our proposition that we’d started to lose track of really important questions such as:

  • How many locks have we deployed?
  • Where are they? Who has them? What software are they running?
  • Are they working properly? Are our customers happy?”

The solution:

DevicePilot worked closely with Doordeck, using a code-free AWS-IoT integration in order to connect their data. This would allow Doordeck to gain full control again over the data whilst taking advantage of the combined scalability benefits of DevicePilot and AWS, and minimising the time spent trying to make sense of their operations. DevicePilot is built on the AWS Serverless Platform – utilising AWS Kinesis, Lambda and DynamoDB to deliver a IoT stream processing engine that will scale with our customers.

The result:

Using DevicePilot, Doordeck were able to set up a dashboard in their office showing the live status of all their devices, with the key metrics that matter to their customers and whether those are getting better or worse. For day-to-day operations, DevicePilot allows the Ops team to monitor the whole device estate live. It also allows their business people to ask business questions about their device estate at any time and get immediate answers.

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