Octopus Electric Vehicles - V2G

By Pilgrim - April 12, 2022

In this Smart Energy People podcast, Claire Miller, Director of Technology and Innovation at disruptive UK energy provider Octopus Energy joins DevicePilot CEO Pilgrim Beart to discuss:

  • The transition to no-tailpipe-emission vehicles
  • Tying that up with a renewable renewable home energy tariffs
  • Company car leasing
  • Innovation around vehicle-to-grid (V2H/V2G)
  • Home and work, fleet and more
  • Fleet is very important for decarbonising - vans, LGVs, HGVs
  • Following the driver to charge anywhere
  • Intelligent Octopus, grid flexibility
  • EV and PV as a "gateway drug"
  • Is V2G real? How's it going to work? When will it become significant? Who will manage it?
  • ISO15118 in a digitally-enabled ecosystem
  • The DNO to DSO transition
  • Capacity planning and monitoring
  • Making the "permission to export" process much slicker with UKPN
  • Localised DSR
  • How DNOs will co-ordinate with edge via signalling
  • 2025: Obstacles to making EV a significant driver of change



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