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If you're a connected company, you're a service company

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Smart/connected products
Connected product-as-a-service

A Global Phenomenon

400bn cups of coffee Drunk everyday year, globally (52% drunk on-the-go)
$39bn Intelligent Vending Machines annual sales by 2026
23% IVM year-on-year growth


Huge opportunity Connected machines allow retail technology vendors to offer Retail as a Service, driving higher customer satisfaction and tighter supply chain management
But... Realising the benefits – and avoiding the risks – of these new technologies and processes requires new tools
We share your passion We have successfully driven companies like yours to commercial success by deploying and managing millions of devices globally
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Your challenges

01 Teething trouble with new technologies interferes with service availability ➜ unhappy customers
02 Lack of management tools ➜ poor processes, high costs and lost revenue
03 Your team is doing lots of work manually - working hard instead of smart ➜ reduced profit
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The impact on your business

01 Customer satisfaction drops to damaging-the-brand minimums ➜ not a high-growth business
02 23%+ of users unhappy with vending experience ➜ investors are not happy
03 Increasing operational costs will damage profit as you grow if each support person can only handle a few thousand devices ➜ not a scalable business

Imagine a world where you can...

Have complete visibility into machine deployment, and anticipate replenishment and servicing requirements
Gather information on usage, sales and customer experience - create the processes to improve service quality
Have 99% availability

DevicePilot gives you the power to...

Control and even avoid revenue loss
Deliver a better service with the same human resource
Focus on growth and not firefighting
Get customer satisfaction through the roof
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Case Studies

Our customers are movers, shakers and game-changers with one thing in common - we’ve helped them all scale.

Food wastage solutions


“KPIs gather seemingly random device problems into patterns that can be analysed and fixed. DevicePilot gives the power of analysis to those that are most able to fix it, helping us to identify actionable problems among our many devices in the field."

Magnus Hultberg

Product Manager at Winnow

Magnus Hultberg

UK Rapid EV charging network


“We are totally data-driven at POD Point and DevicePilot lets us get the actionable insight out of our devices”

Erik Fairbairn

CEO at POD Point

Erik Fairbairn

Intelligent transport systems


"DevicePilot gives us the ability to “see” what is going on with individual devices and lets us focus on serving customers rather than building tools"

Chris Barnes

Director at Clearview Intelligence

Chris Barnes

Our product

  • See immediate improvements in uptime and availability of your machines
  • Get faster insights with a single pane of glass - see where your machines are and their current state
  • Works with your stack and any business person can use it

Our architecture

What's happening next

We partner with you throughout the process with dedicated engineering support during onboarding and beyond

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