POD Point

UK Rapid charging network


UK Rapid charging network
Industry: EV charging / e-mobility
Location: London, England
Founded: 2009
Size: 50 - 100 employees



With over 40,000 charge points constantly beaming back information, POD Point started to realise how important and difficult it was to get an overview of what was going on across their device estate and were struggling to extract the insight they needed from their Excel spreadsheets in order to make critical business decisions.

Why DevicePilot?

The company had a lot of data analysis tools but none of them were able to give them the visualisation they were looking for. They looked into building their own tool but realised what DevicePilot offered was unique. They also appreciated the hands on and proactive support they received from the DevicePilot team.

How are they using DevicePilot today?

POD Point now have multiple dashboards, with one focussed on the key management KPIs such as uptime, displayed up on their main bank of dashboards in the middle of the office amongst other key screens showing the availability of their network and the state of the electrical grid. Other dashboards are more focussed on troubleshooting within the network assurance team.

Helping the sales team upsell their customers to additional devices

Using DevicePilot, the Sales team were able to look at the utilisation of charge points at a customer’s sites. With the data clearly visualised, they realised that the charge points were at 100% utilisation on a daily basis. This equipped them with the information they needed to convince the customer to add more charge points to a specific site.

From reactive to proactive customer support

The network assurance team are able to spot and analyse any issues proactively and directly trigger a site visit if needed, all before their customer spots anything is wrong.

“We are totally data-driven at POD Point and dashboards – like the ones we have with DevicePilot – have really let us get the actionable insight out of our devices”

Erik Fairbairn

CEO and Founder, POD Point

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