March 2022 Smart Energy News

By Pilgrim - March 15, 2022


Our first Smart Energy People podcast guest this month is Peter Hiscocks - co-founder and chairman of Pod Point for more than 10 years. Peter tells the fascinating story of Pod Point from its earliest days, though multiple "near-death" moments, to its acquisition and recent successful IPO. 

Smart Energy


Our second Smart Energy People podcast this month is with Ying Zhang, Senior Market Development Manager of disruptive German cellular providers 1nce. Ying shares the evolution of their novel pricing model for IoT cellular connectivity, some interesting Smart Energy use-cases, and the challenges ahead.

  • Cisco launches a “Mass IoT Control Centre” offering spanning devices on 4G, 5G & LPWAN.
  • We identify with the IoT journey described by Dr Tim Moore at SharkNinja - how the early “hero developer” approach runs out of steam as the company grows.
  • It sucks when the company behind an IoT gadget folds and it stops working. Now imagine if that gadget is your vision implant.

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