June 2019 IoT news

By Pilgrim - June 17, 2019

This is my third monthly update about the evolution of the IoT market - if you’re doing something interesting in IoT please let me know.

DevicePilot customer Winnow’s machine-learning cameras continue to get great coverage and now there are even analyst reports on the “Smart Waste Bin” market – a market which apparently didn't exist. Speaking of food tech, there seems to be an upsurge in IoT in agriculture recently - I wish I had time to play with FarmBot and on a more commercial scale I’ve been following Small Robot and Iron Ox. I love that the latter’s industrial design is apparently inspired by the excellent sci-fi films Moon or even the timeless Silent Running.

Another customer Optimised Buildings is doing great work in SuperDry stores which they'll be talking about in November. Our partner Libelium released a useful survey (600+ respondents) on the Top 10 obstacles in IoT, and our partner Arrow Electronics kindly invited me to keynote at their annual Finland IoT event where I was struck by two things: firstly, the massive surge in startups driven by the demise of Nokia, and secondly my co-presenter from Nvidia’s amazing talk of chips achieving 30+ TOPS performance (a thousand billion calculations per second) for at-the-edge machine-learning (used by, amongst others, Winnow’s Vision system). Oh, and I want a JetBot.

Some interesting investments and acquisitions in IoT recently, as hardware companies grab a piece of the service pie (since hardware tends to become commoditised, and IoT enables products to turn into services to avoid this), and service providers grab a piece of the IoT pie (which enables deeper customer relationships). L&G snapped-up a 13% stake in our customer PodPoint, Michelin bought Masternaut who do fleet management, Bridgestone bought TomTom telematics, and Jaguar LandRover are rumoured to be thinking about buying taxi firm Addison Lee.  Meanwhile in the world of analytics and dashboards, Salesforce buys Tableau and Google buys Looker (for cash, valued at 28x revenue).

The latest DevicePilot features are zero-code integration with Disruptive Technologies’ sensors, and much easier configuration of what we're now calling “Rules” which keep your systems and people synchronised with important events in your device estate. And finally, here’s what’s going on in my old world of Smart Homes.

Hope you found this interesting, always very happy to have feedback, and I’ll drop you a line again in a few weeks.


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