July 2022 Smart Energy News

By Pilgrim - August 26, 2022


  • UK govt axes plug-in car grant, with immediate effect, in order to “pledge £300 million towards providing incentives on plug-in taxis, motorcycles, vans, trucks and wheelchair-accessible vehicles.”
  • UK govt calculates that EVs now have ⅓ of lifetime carbon footprint vs. ICE.
  • Bloomberg predicts VW will overtake Tesla by 2024. And BYD claimed they just did (though that includes hybrids).
  • NWave, whose parking occupancy sensors can guide drivers to available chargepoints, released an RoI calculator.
  • With controversy over using corn as biofuel rather than food, given Ukraine crisis, fascinating to see the analysis that solar panels powering EVs is about 100x more productive use of land than biofuels powering ICE vehicles.

Smart Energy


  • The Cambrian explosion was probably driven by the invention of eyes. Soon IoT cameras will be everywhere as they become incredibly small, cheap and low-power [via Charles Arthur].
  • Echostar launches pan-European LoRA network using S-band satellite
  • Berg claims last year was a “breakout year” for cellular IoT, with growth of 39% to 428m units shipped.
  • The arrival of the $6 Raspberry Pi Pico W brings WiFi to the world of low-cost embedded control.
  • When Boston Robotics made their Spot robot dog available for $70,000, one use case we’ve seen is patrolling an expensive sensor around a site to mimic a sensor network. Now for just $2,700 you can buy a Chinese clone dog to do the same -  it's being made in large numbers and can run at 17kph! I blame science fiction dystopias.

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