July 2021 Smart Energy News

By Pilgrim - July 26, 2021

In this 28th issue I've changed the title of this newsletter to better-reflect its focus, as IoT is now so ubiquitous that the term has become almost meaningless.

EV charging

  • The Future of EV Charging panel session proved to be a fascinating dive into its challenges and opportunities, with UK contributors from Bulb, Imperial College, Bloomberg, as well as from the US. We even achieved an epiphany!
  • BP invests £5m in EV charging technology platform IoTechA.
  • Mainstream EVs are hitting price-parity, at least for leasing.
  • UK's DCC (smart meter clearing-house) is experimenting with EV charging.
  • Zuhlke has built an app to help EV infrastructure investors to make decisions.
  • Wireless Logic's webinar on connectivity for EV charging romped through plenty of relevant subjects, including ISO 15118 which was discussed on our panel, and I expect we'll be hearing more of over time.
  • Reality stranger than fiction: Toddington Harper of GridServe (who bought UK en-route charging network Electric Highway) is named after the service station where he just announced their £100m programme.


Other IoT news

And finally, another month on the Internet of Shit:

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