December 2022 Smart Energy News

By Pilgrim - January 16, 2023

Smart Energy

  • The UK’s largest battery project so far goes live early. Tesla 98MW, 196MWh designed for Dogger Bank windfarm which isn’t yet live. For comparison on a nationwide level, that’s only about 1/50th of the pumped storage capacity at Dinorwig, so battery storage still has some way to go.
  • Well over a million domestic PV installations in the UK so far.
  • Apparently only ~2% of US smart meters give their customers access to real time data - despite this being a goal of the federal funding which paid for them.
  • Lots of focus on where the wind blows and how Europe’s interconnectors (and political friendships) will be stressed this winter.
  • UK policy flip-flops back to allowing onshore wind
  • Speaking of flip-flopping, the building of the nuclear reactor Sizewell C seems to be back on again (or is it?) - 12 years after it was first proposed.
    • Interesting thought that 1kg of raw uranium ore costs about £100 yet can provide all the power you need for your entire life (if you your nuclear reactor, spent fuel storage etc. is free!)
  • China still adding more renewables than the rest of the world combined.
  • Sunamp given a £9m grant to do a 100 home trial of heat batteries (watch our interview earlier this year with CEO Andrew Bissell).
  • Meanwhile at home while outside temperatures fall to -9C I've reduced my boiler flow temp to 55C to test how the home would feel with a heat pump. Generally OK but showed me that two rooms were missing ceiling insulation, and a handful of radiators need upsizing, and heating needs to come on earlier in the morning since house warms-up more slowly.


  • After giving-away more than 86m miles of free electricity, Tesco is now charging for charging.
  • More than 90% of new car registrations in Norway now EV or PHEV. Although these (1 year-old) stats show that ICE cars are still doing most of the miles.


  • The EU’s upcoming Cyber Resilience Act looks like it will place obligations on everyone in the supply chain, and extend across industrial and smart home applications.
  • Self-powered IoT startup Everactive has launched an eval kit.
  • Neat: ARM Virtual Hardware lets you set up and program a couple of ARM boards to talk to each other over Matter - all simulated in the cloud.
  • Delivery robots rolling out in my home town of Cambridge UK. Being proper British robots, they know how to queue - though in a non-British twist, they do actually seem to work in the snow.

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