August 2022 Smart Energy News

By Pilgrim - August 26, 2022

Two large customers are now deploying DevicePilot Core to deliver high-quality smart energy service at scale.


  • Achieved my lifetime ambition by charging at 256kW.
  • Australian ICE manufactures hatch a secret plan to delay the transition.
  • Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting revealed it’s now made 3m cars, is close to a 2m annual run rate, is aiming for a 2m run-rate per factory, has the highest operating margin of the whole car industry, will soon announce another factory, and Gigafactory Nevada is now recycling 50 batteries/week.
  • Oh - and Tesla superchargers now achieve 99.96% uptime (estate is about 33,000 devices). If that's where you need to be too then of course very happy to chat about how we can help you get there!

Smart Energy

  • Our Smart Energy People blog this month has an interview with SunAmp CEO and Founder Andrew Bissell with a fascinating insight into how their magic phase-change materials shift heat (and cool) and interact with other smart home energy.
  • Cambridge, UK where I live is supposed to be a green and pleasant land - but right now it's that scorched bit on the right.
  • Yes, the world can reach 100% renewable energy by 2050 say leading researchers. 
  • Costs
  • Grid
  • Heat pumps
    • Nesta calculates the UK needs 27,000 heat pump engineers - we have 3,000.
    • Geo and Vaillant dive into protocols such as Matter and EEBUS, and work through a number of DSR use-cases in part 3/3 of their white paper on DSR & heat pumps.
    • Controversy over the R-32 working liquid in some heat pumps after claims that a leak causes the global warming equivalent of 1 year’s use of a gas boiler. In his interview Andrew from Sunamp told me that the move to R290 propane refrigerant means any leak will cause only 10,000 times less global-warming than a gas boiler emits in its lifetime - though ventilation regulations apply as propane is flammable.
    • I do love a Sankey diagram. Interesting to see how big an energy source ambient energy becomes, once we have lots of heat pumps.
  • BG Hive is dropping support for home security peripherals, to double-down on smart home energy.
  • I’ve been experimenting with Intelligent Octopus at home, a tariff offering electricity at 12% of peak cost for 6h overnight - if you relinquish control over your car charging:
    • I discovered it can choose to charge at any time, even on-peak, in which case it adjusts your smart meter or nets off the difference so you don’t pay on-peak costs.
    • Not a problem per se, but my home battery needs to know about this too so it doesn’t try to charge the car at these random times. I could write some code to solve this (Octopus has great APIs) but baulked at creating tightly-bound, fragile connections between systems, so have reverted to their statically-timed 4h off-peak Go tariff for now. Kudos to Octopus though for making it super-easy to change tariffs and experiment.
    • This seems to support Geo’s assertion that there should be only one home energy manager for each home. Or at least that all systems need to be able to a) publish their status, b) present a control interface, and c) be able to drive others’ control interfaces. Now is when Open becomes critical.
  • I’ve also been experimenting with machine learning to set the charge level of my home battery during night-time off-peak, to avoid:
    • a) reaching 100% when charging from PV causing a spill to grid, or
    • b) reaching 0% when discharging into the home causing import from grid.
    • I've got a 3-layer neural network mapping today’s weather forecast into a prediction of actual PV generation, based on history and despite a small data set, results seem to be within +/-10% for predicting generation. Though predicting consumption will be a whole ‘nother ball of wax.
  • Speaking of ML, fun to see it imagining how an Octopus would install a heat pump.


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