August 2021 Smart Energy News

By Pilgrim - August 17, 2021

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EV charging

  • In 2015, OPEC predicted 4m EVs on the roads by 2040. Yet today in 2021 there are already 8m.
  • Seems like everyone - from governments to manufacturers - is starting to question the quality of today's EV charging experience:
  • Funding:
    • EO charging, UK leader in Fleet EV charging, whose customers include Amazon, is going public on Nasdaq via a SPAC
    • Last month's panel The Future of EV charging identified a lack of reliable third-party solutions to manage EV charging to match agile utility tariffs - so it's good to see raise $8m to address this exact problem.
    • Chargepoint acquires EV bus management company Viriciti
    • As Australia struggles to shed its fossil fuel legacy (electricity generation still >50% from coal!), Evie Networks is the main recipient of $25m for new EV charging points.
  • Geektastic! Aat de Kwaasteniet built a great big spreadsheet ranking all EVs by charge rate, drive efficiency at different speeds and temperature.
  • EV mfr BYD is using LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) in their "Blade" battery. This analysis was fascinating not just for the technical details, but as an example of how China is getting good at innovation.
  • It's not all good news: Pen Test Partners revealed security vulnerabilities in a number of EV chargers, including remote operation and even rewriting the software. The BBC has urged customers of Wallbox and Project EV charger in particular to update their devices.

Smart Energy

  • The UK now has a whopping 20GW+ of battery capacity in planning – about 40% of our grid's peak capacity.
  • 10 years ago Robert Llewelyn started his EV podcast "Fully Charged" (now at 100m+ views and 1m subscribers). Now he's started a new 6-part series focusing on practical ways to reduce our home carbon footprint, Fully Charged HOME (energy efficiency, smart thermostats, storing and shifting electricity, heat pumps, zero-emission heating).
  • It's fascinating to watch the evolution of tidal turbines, and as the world's largest tide turbine goes live (2MW), to note how simple in principle it is – a moored boat with a couple of big propellers, with all the technical gubbins above water. Must have some good anchors!
  • China innovating with the first Thorium nuclear reactor, long supported by Bill Gates (works in dry regions, no weaponization, shorter half-life).
  • Tesla melds its Powerwalls domestic battery storage product into a Virtual Power Plant in California (and says it will open-up its SuperChargers to all-comers).
  • UK government publishes its Energy Digitalisation strategy for Net Zero
  • BP buys Open Energi
  • As Murata announces it will be manufacturing a solid-state battery from this Autumn/Fall, there's a great explanation here of why that's potentially such a significant, and long-awaited, development. 
  • Sand in, solar panels out?


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