April 2021 IoT News

By Pilgrim - April 19, 2021

I'm looking forward to speaking on the challenge of what will happen as the EV charging market matures, later this month at the Energy Tech Summit Apr 27-29.

Smart Meters


  • Interesting EU stats on EV charging points in different EU countries here. By end of 2020 there were 224,000 EV charging points and growing at around 40% CAGR.
  • Delta-EE ran a great seminar on public EV charging: The Journey towards a Great Customer Experience
    • Slide 13 is interesting – "73% of EU EV owners experience usage problems"


IoT comms

Other news

  • ARM unveiled its v9 architecture, introducing the idea of "realms" (containers on bare metal).
  • We did a little blog piece on Asset Management for IoT
  • A blocker for ubiquitous, interoperable IoT is "semantic interoperability", e.g. when you say "switch on the light", how does Alexa know that device #14 is a light, and that it can be switched on? Some clever folks are thinking hard about it.
  • More Internet of Shit (or, in this case, "Asshole Design"): Printers-and-ink is one of the classic subscription models, and HP have managed to turn it evil: Cancel your subscription and you can't even use the ink remaining in your cartridges

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