Success for POD Point

By Pilgrim - February 17, 2020

Huge congratulations to our customer POD Point on their successful acquisition by energy giant EDF. Their CEO Erik is a golden example of how to take the lead in addressing climate change and become a market-leader in the process - and we're proud that DevicePilot has played a part in this success story.

POD Point's journey with DevicePilot started in late 2017 when - in response to the challenges of continued rapid growth - they created the position of Network Operations Manager, promoting software engineer Bryan Saignasith to the role.

Bryan's first priority was to discover the truth about their device estate, which he did by creating DevicePilot metrics such as "uptime" in order to spot, characterise and fix faults quickly. This quickly improved technical delivery, and was the start of building an efficient network operations process.

POD Point also used DevicePilot to display live service delivery on big screens in their office, so that everyone in the company could see the reality of their daily performance. This transition from a mind-set of "just ship the product" to one of "we're delivering a service which has to be good" is highly characteristic of the moment when DevicePilot becomes invaluable to a growing connected-product company. As Bryan says in the video (link below), at that point Excel just doesn't cut it any more.

POD Point continued to grow at over 2x per year, winning large customers such as Tesco, Sainsbury, Lidl, Heathrow and Gatwick airports, as well London's large Bluewater shopping centre, each customer having multiple sites containing many charging points. POD Point needed to not only serve these larger customers well, but be able to prove that they were doing so. Bryan, now heading-up a Network Assurance team, used DevicePilot to continue to drive up service delivery quality with metrics such as "site availability" which can also trigger automatic notifications.

Now hear POD Point explain in their own words how DevicePilot helped them to succeed. 


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Erik in a circle-1

Erik Fairbairn, CEO at POD Point:
Achieved 99% uptime across device estate

"We're totally data driven at POD Point, and if we can answer a question using data then we think that’s the best way - there’s no guesswork and you can use the facts.

Our DevicePilot dashboards have really let us get that actionable insight out of our devices."