New KPI features bring more power

By Pilgrim - February 12, 2020

Today we’re pleased to announce that two major new features are immediately available to all customers - KPI Tree View and KPI Rules. Together these significantly enhance DevicePilot's IoT service monitoring and management capabilities. These features were requested by customers and we'll illustrate them with real-world customer examples.

What is a KPI?

First let's introduce KPIs - Key Performance Indicators. These are used by almost every business to measure their performance and improve it over time. Each KPI is often a single number, representing performance over a specified time interval, distilled from a large amount of detailed underlying data points. KPIs can reveal whether a business is growing, how well it is serving its customers, or whether its operational costs are under control.

Example KPIs for an EV charging company might be:

  • Number of charges delivered in the past 24 hours, across the whole estate
  • Availability of at least one EV charging point at any site, over the past week
  • Percentage of time spent in a fault condition, in the last month

DevicePilot makes it easy for IoT businesses to derive vital business KPIs directly (and live) from device telemetry, avoiding slow and error-prone manual collation - and also now to automatically trigger business processes when KPI values change.

KPIs are created on the Cohort page, and can be viewed on a Dashboard. On the View page a KPI can also be shown alongside live device state so you can e.g. sort by KPI performance.

New KPI Features

Read on to learn about the two new features:

  • KPI Tree View - drill down interactively from global KPIs to the individual KPIs which underlie them
  • KPI Rules - trigger actions when KPIs change, to increase your delivery quality by automating business processes

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Erik Fairbairn, CEO at POD Point:
Achieved 99% uptime across device estate

"We're totally data driven at POD Point, and if we can answer a question using data then we think that’s the best way - there’s no guesswork and you can use the facts.

Our DevicePilot dashboards have really let us get that actionable insight out of our devices."