New Ag-tech customer Nofence

By Pilgrim - May 14, 2020

We're pleased to announce that Norwegian livestock management company Nofence has become a DevicePilot customer.   With many thousands of devices deployed on grazing livestock in Scandinavia, and ambitions to scale into other regions soon, Nofence has reached the classic "inflection" point that every scaling connected product company will recognise, where manual processes are no longer adequate, and a proper Service Monitoring tool is needed to ensure customers remain delighted (revenue retention), to control operational costs, and to enable rapid growth.   


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Erik Fairbairn, CEO at POD Point:
Achieved 99% uptime across device estate

"We're totally data driven at POD Point, and if we can answer a question using data then we think that’s the best way - there’s no guesswork and you can use the facts.

Our DevicePilot dashboards have really let us get that actionable insight out of our devices."