Epitiro and DevicePilot bring Service Assurance to IoT and Wireless Networks

By Yasemin - October 17, 2017

“IoT is broken” says US-UK partnership “but we can fix it”


London, UK - 17 October 2017 - Each year brings 35% more Internet of Things devices. Each decade, 10x more. Too many don’t work properly, frustrating customers, losing revenue and damaging reputations.

The telco term “Service Assurance” encompasses the tools and processes which deliver their “five nines” reliability (working 99.999% of the time).

But many IoT deployments struggle to achieve “one nine” (working 90% of the time).  Today’s announcement between US-based Epitiro and UK-based DevicePilot addresses that problem.

“We’re bringing Service Assurance to IoT” says DevicePilot CEO Pilgrim Beart. “If a device fails with no monitoring, you’ll fix it only when your customer complains. That’s no way to run a business. Service Assurance monitors your devices continuously to deliver a consistently excellent customer experience.”

Connectivity everywhere – and always working

DevicePilot's first US customer Epitiro has developed a wireless performance management and service assurance solution that works just about anywhere, scales to IoT economics and tracks performance and assurance data. With DevicePilot’s hosted-platform Epitiro has seamlessly integrated its performance measurements to provide real-time monitoring and integrate other web services.

“Communications and connectivity are required everywhere to run our businesses and our lives” says Des Owens, Chief Operating Officer, Epitiro. “From inside city buildings to remote farmlands, the developing IoT and converging wireless technologies require innovative performance management and service assurance. Together with DevicePilot our measurement systems, monitoring platform, benchmark and assurance data gives all stakeholders the performance data they need to manage their business.”

“Our partnership with Epitiro demonstrates the value, power and flexibility of our platform. Our first US customer is an important milestone for DevicePilot and we’re excited to work with Epitiro to solve a key industry challenge” commented Rob Dobson, DevicePilot chairman.


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Erik Fairbairn, CEO at POD Point:
Achieved 99% uptime across device estate

"We're totally data driven at POD Point, and if we can answer a question using data then we think that’s the best way - there’s no guesswork and you can use the facts.

Our DevicePilot dashboards have really let us get that actionable insight out of our devices."