DevicePilot partners with EMnify to deliver key insights on IoT connectivity

By Vili Georgieva - February 26, 2020

Besides having rich data sources, a key to success for IoT businesses is to gain actionable insights into this information, not only for their customers, but also for their internal organisations.

IoT providers that only rely on their device and application data are lacking information about the connectivity, making their customers and support teams blind when it comes to connectivity related issues, such as data traffic over usage, roaming restrictions or network attach failures.

DevicePilot and EMnify are closing this visibility gap by providing an integration of EMnify’s global cellular connectivity data into the DevicePilot IoT Service Monitoring tool. This way, IoT businesses can view, manage and automate on key device, connectivity and application metrics with zero code implementation.

EMnify providing connectivity information

Before devices send data, they already communicate with the mobile network through signaling messages. Through signaling the device gets authenticated within the network. Policies such as allowed networks, radio access types, allowed data volume and throughput are communicated and enforced.

EMnify has self-developed their own cloud-based mobile network which allows them to provide all signaling related information over a real-time DataStreamer API. Customers using the EMnify SIM cards can get immediate insights not only about data volume and costs, but also about connectivity failures. This transparency empowers businesses to better understand and solve any problems with their IoT solution.

DevicePilot showing all IoT data in Single Pane of Glass within 2 minutes

DevicePilot is Service Monitoring tool for IoT, including analytics, visualization and automation, that enables its customers to monitor their device estates and make deep analytical assessments with zero code integrations. By integrating multiple data sources in a simple, quick and intuitive way, they can create powerful insights to track all the important metrics that an IoT business depends on. By integrating both device data EMnify connectivity data into DevicePilot dashboards and automatic alerting, IoT businesses can improve their operational efficiency. Their support team is empowered with a 360° view on all the data of the IoT solution, enabling them to detect and diagnose issues before customers call in.



Want to learn more about how you can improve your customer experience with this integration? Join our upcoming webinar on the 3rd of March, with the Head of Product from EMnify, Christian Henke and DevicePilot founder and COO, Keith Reed! They will be discussing current challenges when it comes to expanding IoT businesses, present a live demo of a 2-minute integration and answer your questions in a dedicated Q&A session. 

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