24th August 2018

From monitoring hundreds to thousands of devices


Why build when you can buy?

Winnow places connected scales in commercial kitchens, enabling kitchen staff to record exactly what is being thrown away. Their solution is entirely reliant on the devices being online so that any bit of food waste is recorded. Kitchens are often in places like basement with poor internet connection, and, given the nature of a busy commercial kitchen, the scales can easily be knocked – taking the whole device offline.

Winnow built a homegrown tool to help them manage their device performance, but as they started to scale rapidly from hundreds to thousands of devices, they started to experience considerable limitations and realised it was taking up too much of their development team’s time.

“We want to focus all our efforts into building things that genuinely benefit our customers. So when it comes to things that aren’t strictly related to that, like monitoring devices, why would we even look at building those tools?

We should get the benefits of a bunch of really clever guys and girls building a tool that is uniquely built for that purpose”

Magnus Hultberg – Product Manager, Winnow


Why DevicePilot?

Winnow set up a  quick proof of concept on DevicePilot, and within a couple of days realised it was exactly what they were looking for – addressing some of the business’ highest priority questions they had about their data.

“…What was the experience of getting started with DevicePilot?

It was exquisitely pain-free… it was made all the easier by the fact that the guys at DevicePilot are always there to help”


Actionable data for all

Now, the entire business from engineering through to management and operations are empowered with the data they need to understand what’s happening out in the field. The engineer team’s time has been freed up and the operations team are equipped with the information required to quickly and easily answer important questions.

“Every day, I look at DevicePilot. I now actually have an extra screen just for DevicePilot so I can see those dashboards and I have lots of commonly-asked questions from the rest of my operations team which I can directly answer with DevicePilot’s help.

Jon Liddell – Operations team, Winnow


From reactive to proactive support, thanks to their zendesk integration

Winnow wanted to shift their customer support from reactive – responding to issues when a customer calls in to report it – to proactive – ideally spotting and fixing issues before the customer even notices.

Using DevicePilot to spot issues, they then used out-of-the-box integration into Zendesk to automatically raise tickets.

The result? They now have a proactive customer support process and have dramatically reduced the time it takes them to respond to customer issues, all thanks to the cleaner and more actionable data they see.

“We didn’t have to write a single line of code, and we suddenly improved a key piece of our infrastructure”



Fitting in with how they work

Both the DevicePilot and Winnow teams use Slack so it made sense to set up a shared Slack channel, making it a lot easier for the teams to interact.

“We’d quite often get a message on Slack saying, ‘Guys, you’re sending us this data, it’s not really the best way of doing it… If you do it this way instead, you’ll get more out of DevicePilot.’ They’ve been really helpful, really responsive, and proactive, not just  reactive, which I think is really great”

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