Pricing and Selling IoT

By Pilgrim - July 03, 2017


Last week’s DevicePilot lunch-and-learn event in London on the topic of “Pricing and Selling IoT” was more than 200% over-subscribed, leading host Pilgrim Beart (CEO of DevicePilot) to comment “Either this is a good sign that everyone’s now ready to sell their IoT solutions, or a bad sign that no-one’s figured-out how to make money in IoT yet - probably a bit of both.” The 30+ attendees included IoT vendors, IoT customers and IoT analysts.

Pilgrim introduced the event by describing an IoT ecosystem that’s still emerging and in flux, with more than 10x variation in per-device per-month service fees, and business-models shifting from up-front product fees to ongoing service fees. Guest speakers then shared their experiences in three IoT use cases (connected smoke alarms, connected streetlights and connected home), and then the group engaged in two workshops: the first articulating business models for IoT, and the second revealing strategies for making progress when so much is still in flux.

Click here for a full write-up of the Pricing and Selling IoT event



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