Microsoft's IoT Signals report

By Pilgrim - December 12, 2019

Microsoft commissioned Hypothesis Group to conduct a high-quality “State of IoT” report, based on more than 3000 interviews with business decision makers. It's well worth a read (link below).

Our high-level summary

  • 94% of businesses will be using IoT by the end of 2021
  • #1 reason to use IoT?
    • Operations optimization
  • Top 3 challenges in deploying IoT?
    • Complexity
    • Lack of staff
    • Lack of knowledge
  • #1 reason for IoT failure at PoC stage?
    • High cost of scaling

We’re delighted that this survey comes to the same conclusion that we did in building DevicePilot: IoT is all about driving operational efficiency, but it's too hard and expensive for companies to build by themselves. DevicePilot is empowering leaders in organisations big and small to optimise their operations without having to rely on DIY solutions, with a super easy-to-use application which is up-and-running in minutes thanks to its zero-code integration with Azure IoT and then scales effortlessly at far lower cost than a self-built solution.

Their overall summary says it all:

“Connected endpoints across sales, products and physical assets give leaders unprecedented visibility into their businesses and new insights into how to optimise operational efficiency...” 

Read Microsoft’s full IoT Signals report here.



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