IoT Capability and Maturity Model

By Pilgrim - January 24, 2020

DevicePilot is pleased to announces its Capability and Maturity Model for IoT. This simple process takes about 10 minutes to complete (answering about 20 questions), capturing key information about your IoT business and product to determine your current stage and capabilities. DevicePilot then assesses the maturity of your IoT project, relative to where you should be at your current stage, to make detailed and confidential suggestions about actions you can take to improve your current situation and prepare yourself for the next stage of growth. Optionally, you can follow-up from the report with a free, personal one-to-one consultation to discuss the findings further.



Is the technology and proposition of your product mature-enough to scale successfully?


Have you properly taken security into account from the ground up?


Do you have the internal processes and ownership in place to scale successfully?


Is there a clear Business Model? Are the numbers proven, and do they add-up?
Have you made the jump from product to service?


Is your level of quality appropriate? Do you have the means to improve it as you scale?


Is there executive sponsorship for connected products at the top of your company?


Does the product/service interface well with other systems?

The chart at the top of this page is an example from the report, scoring maturity in these 7 capabilities against what might be expected for your stage.




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