EV chargepoint installation - better, faster, cheaper with Service Monitoring

By Pilgrim - June 14, 2021

EV charging is riding on an unprecedented wave of government funding, IPOs and SPACs.

Now the pressure is on to get new charge-points in the ground - it’s a land grab.

The limiting factor is often simply a shortage of qualified electricians - their time is precious. And it’s vital that installs are “right first time” to avoid poor customer experience or repeat visits which eat-up even more precious time.

Charge-points are now complex-enough that they often can’t give installers full feedback locally - that’s only available in the cloud. So installers can end-up calling the Ops team to find out if the charge-point that they’re installing is successfully online and configured correctly.

This is inefficient for the installer, and inefficient for the Ops team.

Service Monitoring gives installers convenient, secure, live visibility into their charge-point installs, using their own phone or tablet. Just enter the ID of the charge-point and see what you need to see - is the device connected correctly? configured correctly? Issues are easy to see and resolve.

Service monitoring also allows providers to pay 3rd-party installers only once each install is successfully completed. Installers are typically granted a view of the device estate which is limited only to the task at hand - whereas the central Ops team will have a much broader, deeper estate-wide view.

Once the installer has left the site with a proven successful install, ownership of that charge-point can be moved from the Install team to the BAU Ops team. Or perhaps this handover occurs only once the first actual customer charge cycle completes successfully. Or after the first 48 hours of use. However you choose to organise your business, Service Monitoring makes these kinds of everyday business processes easy to set up and efficient to manage - as you grow, grow, grow.



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