DevicePilot Webinar on "Service Monitoring"

By Vili Georgieva - March 25, 2020

Almost all IoT devices are deployed to deliver a service to the customer - some ongoing benefit. The customer isn’t paying for the device, they are paying for the service that it delivers, usually with recurring revenue, which is at risk if you fail to provide a good service.

Service Monitoring is the tool - or set of tools - which enables you to deliver that good service. Because IoT is still quite a new market, there isn’t yet universal agreement on what to call the various components of an IoT solution. And Service Monitoring is no exception.

This webinar is intended for people with responsibility for delivering services on connected products. And we will share best-practice around Service Monitoring for companies using IoT.

When: Mar 31, 2020 03:00 PM GMT

The following topics will be presented: 

Attendees will hear real stories and advice from people who have "been there and done it" including:

1. How to protect and increase revenue by retaining existing customers and winning new ones
2. How to measure key performance metrics like up-time and availability to drive up customer satisfaction
3. How to increase profit by automating processes to reduce operational costs - even as the user base grows


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