Smart building management


Smart building management
Industry: Real estate
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Founded: 2016
Size: 0-10 employees



London-based Beringar started using DevicePilot six months into their connected journey as a way to help them get to market faster. They were looking for a quick and easy way to visualise the raw data from their sensors which would help them get to market much faster than taking the time to build something themselves.

The ‘wow!’ moment

When the Beringar team connected up their sensors and started posting into DevicePilot for the first time, they could immediately see the full picture across their device estate and, importantly, they knew everything was working. They also started to see patterns and trends emerging before their eyes, giving them insight into building utilisation that no one had ever seen before.

Data transparency with their clients

The client-facing team needed a solution to share the data they were collecting with their clients that they would be comfortable with. They quickly settled on the best way to solve this: giving them direct access to their DevicePilot dashboards. This has built up trust and continues to open up new opportunities for both sides as they analyse their new findings.

“It’s lovely working with a tool where we’re not deep in the technical documentation but we’re putting data in and it starts appearing as we think it should. There’s not a period of uncertainty – ‘why can’t we get this to work?’ – you put stuff in, click!, it appeared, it was great”

Phil Claridge

CTO, Beringar

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