DevicePilot is a universal cloud-based software service allowing you to easily locate, monitor and manage your connected devices at scale, with proactive management of the entire device lifecycle.

DevicePilot has completely open interfaces. It can manage any device, on any platform, with easy to use RESTful APIs for rapid and easy integration with existing systems.

DevicePilot has been built and is managed by a senior team that has the experience of resolving scaling issues first-hand through deploying millions of devices in previous businesses.


  • Powerful search Search interactively, drilling down through your device estate
  • Heat maps Use positional heat maps to understand coverage and locational density
  • Dynamic view Zoomable map view with intelligent clustering and device icons


  • Complete status See a summary of your device network at a glance
  • Fast triage Quickly identify problems, spot common factors and determine root causes
  • Prioritise easily Focus on issues with biggest customer impact first


  • 360 lifecycle Automated device deployment from installation to end-of-life
  • Upgrades Firmware versions managed with minimal disruption
  • Rapid integration Integrate easily with your existing business processes

Optimise your needs

  • Per-user API keys
  • Custom profile creation, allowing user apps to access heterogeneous devices in a unified way
  • API level property filtering, only view what you need when dealing with large device records
  • Connect your custom property names to system or user defined profiles for a unified world view
  • Use custom map marker colouring to explore device property values visually, quickly spot outliers and see trends
  • Use powerful data search expressions to interact with your entire estate

DevicePilot is built for Developers

  • Simple, elegant RESTful API for populating device data –single POST
  • Tiny footprint for constrained embedded devices
  • Powerful API to build integrations with your other business management systems and further automate your processes

Standards Ready

DevicePilot supports existing and emerging standards for device management including LWM2M and CoAP and is certified mbed enabled to work with ARM’s mbed IoT ecosystem. DevicePilot also integrates with legacy systems to present a unified view of your entire estate of devices.

It’s important to maintain our leadership in the smart refrigeration market – simply put this means connectivity which gives us the opportunity to collect sales data and insights remotely. At scale, the management of those connected devices has to be automatic, in order to be cost effective.

Colin Chapman

CTO of smart commercial refrigeration specialists Elstat

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