Operational Excellence for IoT

Take control of your connected devices


Product Features

What can you do with DevicePilot?

Operational analytics for connected devices

Powerful search Search interactively, drilling down through your device estate.

Heat maps Use positional heat maps to understand coverage and locational density.

Dynamic view Zoomable map view with intelligent clustering and device icons.

Understand your connected devices

Complete status Covers all devices at a glance.

Fast triage Quickly identify problems and determine root cause.

Prioritise easily Focus on issues with biggest customer impact first.

Take control of your device estate

360 lifecycle Automated device deployment from installation to end-of-life.

Upgrades Firmware versions managed with minimal disruption.

Easy integration Integrate with your existing business processes.

Rob Reng, CTO at POD Point

DevicePilot has become a trusted partner of POD Point. Their platform gives us extremely valuable real-time insights into the current state of our devices, and provides a centralised portal around which our network assurance activity is wholly centred

Rob Reng, CTO at POD Point


Use Cases