• Powerful search  Search interactively, drilling down through your device estate
  • Heat maps  Use positional heat maps to understand coverage and locational density
  • Dynamic view  Zoomable map view with intelligent clustering and device icons


  • Complete status  Covers all devices at a glance
  • Fast triage  Quickly identify problems and determine root cause
  • Prioritise easily  Focus on issues with biggest customer impact first

Manage. Coming soon

  • 360 lifecycle Automated device deployment from installation to end-of-life
  • Upgrades Firmware versions managed with minimal disruption
  • Easy integration Integrate with your existing business processes
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Why you need DevicePilot

As you connect more devices to your service, the operational challenges of managing those devices becomes significant.

It is too expensive, slow and error-prone to rely on manual device management, restricting your growth and threatening your future business.

Automated device management is essential, ensuring a sustainable relationship between device deployment and operational costs.

  • Are you considering IoT for a solution?
  • Have you considered operational cost?
  • Are you in trialling or testing?
  • Are you feeling stretched by operations?
  • Are you already deploying at scale?

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Automate to grow

As you deploy more connected products into the marketplace, here’s why you need to automate the management of those products to ensure you concentrate on your core business, keep costs sustainable and protect your brand.

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