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Introducing DevicePilot Core

The new platform for Monitoring, Managing and Automating Smart Energy devices.
Protect revenue, reduce costs and enable growth with low code / no code.
Scales to millions of devices at lowest possible cost.

Service monitoring, management and automation

for Connected Devices


Transform your service quality with no-code incident management, performance analytics and business process automation

Service Monitoring

Why use Service Management?

Protect revenue
Your customers will only go on paying you if you go on delivering a quality service

Save money
Arm your employees with a powerful tool makes them more productive and deliver better service with the same human resource. Spend your precious time in areas which will deliver the biggest return

Unlock growth
Press the "SCALE" button on your deployment without worrying that you might fail, having all the insights to support your business decisions


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what is service mnitoring

What is Service Management?

The process of collecting streams of data from individual devices, turning them into metrics, and from those deriving Key Performance Indicators for your device estate as a whole, such as device up-time and site availability.

Then you can see if you’re hitting your Service Level Agreement with your customer - and if not you can do Root Cause Analysis to understand why.

Functionally, it involves a rules engine which can trigger when certain conditions are met, perhaps anomalies, and then drive business processes such as alerting people or automating actions in other business tools.



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How Service Management fits in

Build effective business processes by joining-together your IoT and IT
We've worked hard to make the setup process as simple and as fast as possible for you

From simple integration to supporting your technical team, DevicePilot will do whatever it takes to get you going with minimal fuss

Works with your stack 
Insights have no value in a vacuum. From your CRM to your ticketing system to your cloud instance... DevicePilot is designed to ingest from and update to your existing systems


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Our customers are movers, shakers and game-changers with one thing in common - we’ve helped them all scale.

UK Rapid EV charging network


“We are totally data-driven at POD Point and DevicePilot lets us get the actionable insight out of our devices”

Erik Fairbairn

CEO at POD Point

Erik Fairbairn

Food wastage solutions


“KPIs gather seemingly random device problems into patterns that can be analysed and fixed. DevicePilot gives the power of analysis to those that are most able to fix it, helping us to identify actionable problems among our many devices in the field."

Magnus Hultberg

Product Manager at Winnow

Magnus Hultberg

Intelligent transport systems


"DevicePilot gives us the ability to “see” what is going on with individual devices and lets us focus on serving customers rather than building tools"

Chris Barnes

Director at Clearview Intelligence

Chris Barnes

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